West Farm Woodworks

7025 Eastern Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. 20912


West FarmWoodworks produces high quality furniture largely from our abundant and diverse hardwood forests of the Appalachian region. I select woods with highly expressive grain patterns, and combine wood species to create unique products. Many of the pieces use wide slabs of wood that are carefully dried and milled. The tables I produce display the best of our hardwood forests, but are functional and can complement more traditional settings.


Our Eastern Appalachian forests provide abundant and diverse species of valuable high-quality hardwoods.  Through conservation efforts begun a century ago we can still find dense slow-growth woods that provide the strength, stability, and beauty for an array of classic and durable furniture.  Among my favorites are Cherry, Walnut, White Oak, Ash, Catalpa, and Sycamore.  But there are many others.



Quality means furniture that is functional, sturdy, stable, and expresses the authentic beauty of the wood.  Each piece of wood is carefully selected “rough cut” and then dried and milled for a particular piece of furniture.  Furniture is assembled using joinery methods that ensure stability and endurance over time.  Pieces are finished to bring out the authentic look of the wood.


Many of my pieces are custom-made.  I also like to keep a steady flow of new work available, which can be seen on this website.  If something sparks your interest, contact me and we discuss that piece or something similar to meet your special needs, dimensions, and setting.

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